Sempio Pickled Perilla Leaves in Soy Sauce


Pickled perilla leaves in soy sauce delicately seasoned with Sempio Soy Sauce, Korean garlic, and chili -pepper powder.

70g tin

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Ingredients: salted sesame leaves, soy sauce, water, red pepper paste, sugar, red pepper powder, garlic, taste base, gluconic acid, pepper seed oil, sesame, vinegar, lactobacillus fermented powder.


  1. Lauren Giunta (verified owner)

    So good! Behaves a bit like a preserved grape leaf, but obviously tastes of perilla (shiso-adjacent for those who are unfamiliar). I ended up rinsing the leaves and then using them to wrap layers of rice & a mackerel salad made with Nissui Mackerel in Miso + a little mayonnaise, dolma-style. The perilla leaves worked very well for this but maybe could’ve benefitted from a little stewing, as grape leaves do, as they were a bit tough/fibrous in places however not offensively so. I would love to know more about how these are commonly eaten in Korea.

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