Sunnmöre Peppered Mackerel (Peppermakrell)


We love this as the protein in a super simple sandwich: just bread and butter and thinly sliced onions.

170g (6 oz) tin

Pictured on whole grain bread with mustard and onions.

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Ingredients: Fillets of Mackerel 87%, rapeseed oil, salt, spices (including mustard and onion), yeast extract, and antoxident: E330).

Product of Norway


  1. Joshua Olmsted (verified owner)

    This was a really interesting product! I was a bit surprised when I first opened the tin as it is akin to like a “fish cake.” The texture is dense, and you can see bits of skin mixed in among the meat. Once I got past a bit of an odd appearance, everything else was quite lovely. There not much in the way of aroma. The fish as a whole is quite dense, but it comes apart easily into nice bite sized chunks. The pepper/mustard seasoning is very mild, but well balanced, it definitely didn’t need much in the way of additional seasoning. I can definitely see the recommendation that this would make for a lovely simple sandwich. I had it on top of sourdough toast with just a dash of hot sauce. The oil was tasty but not too strong flavor-wise. I think for someone who likes tuna salad, or other sort of “mixed fish” dishes, this would be a nice introduction to mackerel/nicer canned fish due to the lack of bones, and the simplicity in eating this product.

  2. samchakmakian (verified owner)

    Of the items in my surprise me order, this is the one that surprised me the most. Something I’d NEVER have ordered of my own volition, this was quite a pleasant tin. After finishing everything else from my order, this sat around for at least another couple weeks before I needed to throw together a very last minute lunch, and in that application it was quite good! I followed the description’s serving suggestion of a simple sandwich with buttered lightly-toasted sourdough, some thinly sliced white onions, a little extra pepper, hot sauce and a few pickles for good measure. The flavor from the fish was quite mild and the texture reminded me of having a meatloaf sandwich, just with fish. Will I order it again? Maybe. Most likely not. But RTG is a great for even stocking such an interesting product!

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