Sunnmöre Peppered Mackerel (Peppermakrell)


We love this as the protein in a super simple sandwich: just bread and butter and thinly sliced onions.

170g (6 oz) tin

Pictured on whole grain bread with mustard and onions.

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Ingredients: Fillets of Mackerel 87%, rapeseed oil, salt, spices (including mustard and onion), yeast extract, and antoxident: E330).

Product of Norway


  1. Joshua Olmsted (verified owner)

    This was a really interesting product! I was a bit surprised when I first opened the tin as it is akin to like a “fish cake.” The texture is dense, and you can see bits of skin mixed in among the meat. Once I got past a bit of an odd appearance, everything else was quite lovely. There not much in the way of aroma. The fish as a whole is quite dense, but it comes apart easily into nice bite sized chunks. The pepper/mustard seasoning is very mild, but well balanced, it definitely didn’t need much in the way of additional seasoning. I can definitely see the recommendation that this would make for a lovely simple sandwich. I had it on top of sourdough toast with just a dash of hot sauce. The oil was tasty but not too strong flavor-wise. I think for someone who likes tuna salad, or other sort of “mixed fish” dishes, this would be a nice introduction to mackerel/nicer canned fish due to the lack of bones, and the simplicity in eating this product.

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