Three Sisters Organic Seed Collection


(3 packets) Grow a connection to history with this traditional crop grouping used by Native Americans throughout North America. The “three sisters” – corn, beans and squash – complement each other in their growing habits and in their nutritional content. This “companion plant” collection is space efficient, educational and fun to grow!


  • Corn
  • Pole Bean
  • Winter Squash

The collection comes in a sturdy, recyclable craft box with a tip sheet that includes fun facts and growing information specific to the varieties in this collection.

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At High Mowing Organic Seeds, we believe in re-imagining what our world can be like. We believe in a deeper understanding of how re-built food systems can support health on all levels – healthy environments, healthy economies, healthy communities and healthy bodies. We believe in a hopeful and inspired view of the future based on better stewardship for our planet. Every day that we are in business, we are growing; working to provide an essential component in the re-building of our healthy food systems: the seeds.


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