Tin to Table, by Anna Hezel


Tin to Table by Anna Hezel cracks open the secrets of tinned fish cooking with over 50 recipes, from no-fuss snacks to fresh salads, hearty mains, and creative no-recipe recipes for quick pop-and-eat meals.

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Hardcover, 192 pages
ISBN: 1797215515

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  1. josephraa (verified owner)

    I’m surprised there aren’t any reviews here for this book yet! I haven’t specifically made any recipes from the book yet, but I have read through it a bit and am already satisfied that it was a good purchase and feeling inspired. I purchased it along with Tin Fish Gourmet and I think both were great purchases and complement each other well as they take different approaches to recipe organization. Tin to Table is structured around what type of meal you want to make, while Tin Fish Gourmet is more structured around what type of fish you want to cook with. Both books have a small section with pantry stocking suggestions so you can be well-prepared for any of the recipes. Both books have information about different kinds of fish you’ll come across in tins. Both are well-written with lots of mouth-watering photos. Tin to Table has it all in one section toward the front while Tin Fish Gourmet talks about each fish at the beginning of that fish’s chapter.

    The first main section in Tin to Table (“straight out of the can”) is full of recipes that don’t necessarily include any tins, but are meant to be served/eaten with a tin (or tins). Things like sauces, aiolis, pickled accoutrements, dressings, etc. The other main sections are broken into snacks, salads, sandwiches, and “main attractions”, the last of which being like what you’d see on the entree section of a restaurant menu. There seems to be a good variety of different tastes/flavors in the recipes, and what I’ve read so far all seems simple and straightforward to make. No need to be a master of culinary arts to understand or follow the recipes here. All in all, very pleased with this purchase and excited to try some of these recipes out! Def recommend if you’re looking for inspiration on how to not just keep eating all your tins with the same crackers over and over :p

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