U. S. Shelby Co. P-38 and P-51 Stainless Steel Can Openers, set of One Each


Some cans aren’t easy open. Some easy open cans the tab breaks off, leaving you sobbing and lunchless. We looked at a lot of can openers, and tested them all, and finally decided that the sweet spot of the cost:quality ratio was not at the high end, not in the middle, it was at the low end.

There’s a technique to it, and there’s a slight learning curve involved. But once you master the Shelby (it’s all about leverage, work smart not hard), you become master of your fate. Army issued for decades, and so tough GIs call it “the John Wayne”.

The smaller size is for “personal” use, the larger was typically used in the mess halls to open larger cans. But they’re so inexpensive, we’ve put them together in a set. Made in the USA from stainless steel, stamped U. S. Shelby Co. for authenticity, complete with a hole at the end just perfect for a keyring or a dog tag chain.

Sometimes simple is the best.

Can of sardines for scale. Order this item and receive one P-38 and one P-51 can opener.

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Check out this demo for how to use them.


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