Upgrade Me

Get a tin hand-selected by Dan at the price point you choose.

We see you. You’ve been prowling the site, lurking in the forums, eating Beach Cliff and Chicken of the Sea and wondering if those fancy fishies are really worth it. You know a tin of fish for under a buck isn’t the best, but, c’mon, they’re tasty! Those fancy ones, though, those shiny bois, how good are they? So many choices. Too hard to pick one.

We got you. This is a “name your own price” product. The minimum price listed covers the cost of postage and one base-level tin of impressive but affordable shiny bois.

Want to level up? Add more for mackerel, add more for tuna, add more until you’re at whatever price level you’re curious about.

After you place your order we will send you a couple of questions to get a sense of what you’ve had and where your expectations are, and then we’ll know exactly which tin to send.

We can’t guarantee you’ll think it’s worth it; that’s up to your personal taste. But we will guarantee that you’ll think the tin we send is better than anything you tell us you’ve tried. If it isn’t, we’ll refund your entire purchase price.

Minimum price: $9.00


This item can be added to an order for other tins. Maybe you want to order lots of things under $5 but want us to choose something to impress you out of the $10 range. We can do that (and will adjust things around the postage portion accordingly).

This item can be used to gift someone else. Maybe you have a friend who talks smack at you for your snooty ‘dines when the ones they eat are good enough. We can win them over.

You can order any number of name your price tins. Maybe you want to have a party and have a tiered tasting where there are 3 tins each at 3 different price points. We do that all the time.

You can also use this item to do basically anything else you might imagine, because we don’t charge you at check out. You can order one of these and then tell us in the order notes what’s really going. Try doing that with Amazon.


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