Wild Hawthorn Jelly


Wild Hawthorns have been used by the Ojibwe for generations as both food & medicine. Part of the rose family it grows up to 5 feet tall on hillsides and sunny wooded areas throughout Minnesota. Small berries, called haws, sprout after the flowers, in late May. The deep red to black berries provide many antioxidants. Our haws are all hand harvested and juiced in small batches to make our rich flavorful jelly.

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We started carrying these products almost by accident, but it turned out to be a very happy accident. We love, use, and offer the Wild Rice from Red Lake Nation Foods. One day when I was getting ready to place an order for more wild rice, we were talking about jellies and jams that might work for a pastry Helen was making. And just at that moment I saw the line of gather-by-hand wild jellies and jams also offered by Red Lake Nation and I ordered a few in as samples. We love each and every one of these, and we’re not really jelly/jam people. They’re that good.

Ingredients: Wild harwthorn berry juice, Water, Sugar, Citric Acid, Fruit Pectin


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