Wildfish Cannery Smoked Sockeye Salmon


Let’s talk pantry clichés for a moment. Washingtonians stock preserved apples. Georgians stockpile peaches in syrup. Idahoans keep healthy stores of big beautiful potatoes. Mainers revere their jugs of maple. But head north to Alaska, and it’s sockeye salmon through and through. At our remote island Cannery, we honor many species of salmon, but when it comes to choosing our favorite, sockeye is the true king.

Here in the Last Frontier, you’ll find entire pantries full of red gold— jarred and canned sockeye, smoked or not, and always a gallon Ziplock or two filled with dry-smoked, red strips. With preservation methods dutifully transcribed and passed from one generation to the next, many of us complement our shelf-stable bounty with chest freezers full of sockeye salmon fillets, carefully harvested in just the right amount to sustain us throughout the winter.

So what makes our Smoked Sockeye salmon so unique? Well, we know how the locals want to eat it (we custom process many local harvests, for starters!) The color, texture, and flavor is unlike any of its four salmon species counterparts.

We’ve been eating this product for generations, so we thought you might like it too.

Tasting notes: Rich smokehouse flavor, brilliant red flesh. The essence of wild Alaska, in one bite.

Serve it up: Sockeye’s brilliant red flesh is the star of the plate, the platter, or your favorite charcuterie board. Eat like the locals do, very simply, on a bed of steamed rice and a shake or two of furikake. Mix with mayonnaise and spread on whole-wheat bread for a simple yet filling lunch. Add to fried rice, seafood soups and chowders, or this breakfast frittata.

Source: From throughout Alaska

Harvested: Drift Net

6 oz tin

In stock


Ingredients: Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka), Salt, Pure Cane Sugar, Spices, Natural Alderwood Smoke


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