Yurrita Sardines in Olive Oil


Sardines salted and canned in olive oil.  Yurrita is a small, family-run cannery in the Basque region, and one of the oldest canneries in the area.

120g tin

Pictured with whi grain mustard, pickles, and basil crackers.

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Ingredients: sardines (Sardina pilchardus), olive oil, salt


  1. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Umami explosion, salty, rich, decadent. I’m blown away and that simply doesn’t happen to me (ever?!) with giant-sized, unflavored, unsmoked sardines. These big boys hit the same crazy-deep flavor notes as Guëyu Mar … for less than half the price. They’re soft but not too soft, probably a 2 out of 5 on firmness (where 5 is the firmest). Moisture is simply perfect without any mush. The fillets hold together when you take them out of the tin, but also are wonderfully willing to flake apart when you want them to. Each bite held so much extra “what IS that flavor” umami that I could barely handle it. Salt levels are *perfect* and they are absolutely stunning when eaten directly from the tin.

    I’m not a person who necessarily loves chonkers. I’d prefer a small or medium sardine 9 times out of 10 lunches. But these? THESE? At THIS price? Wow. Yurrita, I found you so late but I’m here now. Their Sardinillas (small sardines) were really, really great but these big boys are .. somehow … even better than those.

    You absolutely must try this tin. It’s Guëyu flavor at a bargain price. Click “Add to cart” right now.

  2. emosberger (verified owner)

    This is one of the best tins of large sardines that I’ve had the pleasure of having! Cracking the tin I was presented with three beautifully packed chonkers in creamy looking olive oil. Firmness was perfect- they came out of the tin in one piece but were soft enough to flake apart the fillets. Texture was nice and meaty and the seasoning was spot-on. It reminded me a bit of an Ortiz tin (which is a compliment in my book) and is also comparable with the Ramon Peña large sardine tin, which I also loved.
    Will get these again whenever I want a tin of premium chonkers without any added spices.

  3. Savoury Snacks With Catz (verified owner)

    I got these Yurrita sardines in a Surprise Me box, and I was excited to try a fancier tin of unspiced sardines. I had these with toast and arugula as an easy meal. I was congested when I had them, so I’ll mostly comment on looks and texture.

    The Yurritas are huge! I think my tin had four sardines, and they completely filled out the interior of the tin, to the point that there was less olive oil than I’m used to seeing. The texture was nice, less firm than I’m used to, but easy to flake. The sardines were well salted, though I still added some Maldon for crunch. They were really enjoyable, and I’d be interested in trying another tin of these once my sinuses clear up so I can fully appreciate their flavor.

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