Yurrita Sardinillas (Small Sardines) in Olive Oil 10/14


Sardines salted and canned in olive oil. Perfect on their own or flaked with a fork and mixed with lemon juice and diced onion served on a crusty bagel.

115g tin (4 oz or 2.8 oz drained)

Pictured with whole grain mustard and basil crackers.

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Ingredients: sardines (Sardina pilchardus), olive oil, salt

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  1. Isaac Zisman (verified owner)

    Ideal salinity, texture, savoriness. Briny without being too salty. When I opened the can, I immediately noticed a fresh aroma of the sea. Plump, yet yielding. Flakey, but not dry. Absolutely love these fish.

  2. Joe Warren (verified owner)

    The packaging on these is sleek! When the tin peeled back I noticed it was packed to the brim with quite a few inside. A shimmering silver school of sardinillas waiting for you.

    Great firmness, and they truly held their shape throughout. Bones were hidden in the savory bites since they kept together. Delightful texture. The olive oil acted like a backdrop that allowed the fish to shine without stealing the show. Enjoyable!

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