The Rainbow Tomatoes Reading List

These are books that have influenced who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We talk about these books every day in the tomato stand. The first section is a sampling of the books we stock and have on hand (the full list of stocked titles is in the store). The second section is books you can buy on Amazon using these affiliate links and we get a little kickback. If any of these books interest you but you’re not quite sure, just ask Dan about it and he’ll regale you until you laugh and ask him to stop, already, because you’re sold.

Chelsea Green Books

We are delighted to have stock on hand of a significant range of Chelsea Green books. We can ship these with your order. Shop the Farm Stand for the complete list.

Amazon Kindle Affiliate Titles

These books are not on our shelves but have been important to us. We encourage you to check the free preview and buy through these links.

Be sure to also read The Good Life by Scott and Helen Nearing

Books not on Kindle

You’ll have to buy these in paperback.

Dan’s Recommendations

More things on Amazon that you might enjoy that I can vouch for. Books and beyond.