Active Promotions / Discounts / Wholesale

We do not offer any discounts of any kind.

We don’t put things on sale.

We do not have a wholesale program.

We currently have the following promotions active and running:

Product Review Credit

If you have an account created and you leave a review that would help someone else decide between products, for just about any tin you have purchased here, we will give you $5 in store credit for each review. If you purchased items before creating an account, let us know after you have created the account and we can tie that order into the account history. And if you left reviews prior to the start of this offer, just let us know, it is retroactive. Offer does not apply to items whose purchase price is $5 or below, natch. If you buy the same product more than once, the system will allow you to review it more than once, but only one credit will be given per person-product pairing. Store credit cannot be used for shipping charges.

Your time and your singular way of speaking about things have value, and things with value should be recognized. We find it offensive when for-profit businesses ask others to generate content without compensation or recognition.

Correcting Errors Credit

If you find a mistake on our website and let us know about it, we will give you $5 in store credit.

We hate mistakes, and we recognize that we are imperfect. One of our mantras is: continuous incremental improvement.

& More

We also have promotions for existing customers. You’ll see a special offer we share only with returning customers. Repeat customers get small “thank you” gifts in their orders. And we’ve solved the problem of “What extra special lagniappe do you give to the customer who has everything?” The otherwise unobtainable, of course.

The philosophical underpinnings of our offers are that we do pretty much everything with intention, and we have decided that we won’t do anything designed to trick customers into buying or buying more than they wanted.

We don’t send nag emails when you leave your cart, we don’t end prices in .99, we don’t run “flash” sales (or sales of any kind), we don’t do anything to create a false sense of urgency, to name a few.

The hidden price of most sales and promotions is often service (an umbrella term for a legion of things including but not limited to responsiveness, order accuracy, ease of communication, breadth of inventory, depth of inventory, support both prior to and after the sale), or something you can’t see, like how employees are being treated.