Planning a Visit?

Tomato sales are now finished forever. We sold the farm in late 2023 to focus on tinned fish.

If you’re local to the Denver, PA area and just want to save on shipping by picking up your order, you can do that at any time as long as you give us enough notice to prepare your order. Just add a note on your order saying you want to pick it up, and which day in the future you’d like to come get it.

If you want to browse, at all, you need to make an appointment.

We are primarily a pick, pack, and ship operation, so there are a few things we want you to know.

We are not set up as a retail store, but you can make an appointment to come shop here.

We do not process credit cards (but you can pay by all the same methods you can use online…and one of them is a way of paying with a credit that doesn’t involve us processing them).

All of our products are barcoded but none of them have prices on them, so while you browse you may need to reference the website, or carry a barcode reader with you (which we will provide), or interact with us to inquire about prices. You can also just pick items like mad and stand next to us as we ring you up and say “yep, nope, yep, yep, yep”. It’s casual, and delightfully unusual.

If there are things you know you want, please order them well in advance of your visit so we can have them pulled for you. This will help ensure you get items that may be in short supply, and will let you focus your time here on the things you need to see in person or ask questions about.

And lastly, please be aware that the single most common reaction customers have when visiting here is that they feel hugely overwhelmed by the vast array of options. That means we’re probably not an ideal first foray into the world of tinned fish in the same way the Black Diamond runs at Jackson Hole are probably not the best way to start skiing.

We are, however, the absolute mecca of tinned fish for those who have been disappointed in the selection available anywhere else in the world.

Please use the appointment calendar below to schedule your visit.

Call or Text: +1 570-762-6140 (replies during normal working hours only)