Online Farm Stand & Tinned Fish Shop

In addition to 320 different kinds of tomatoes every summer, we also offer the largest collection of the highest quality tinned seafood (conservas) in the world and hard-to-find gourmet ingredients.

We are so much more than tomatoes. We have our own line of baked goods and ready-to-cook soups, noodles, and curries. And we host events in the Wunderbarn.

Before you start shopping, please know that we manually calculate shipping. That means you can’t pay online immediately. After you check out, we will confirm your order, weigh it, and then give you a final total. At that point, you can pay by lots of different online methods (Venmo, PayPal to our email, Zelle), or send us a check. We do not process credit cards. Keep your eye open for an email from us about payment options.