Beginner Box by daywithmei


RTG is pleased to partner with daywithmei to help address one of the most common requests we both receive: “What should I buy first?”

There is no wrong answer to this question, but we agree that the sheer volume of options available can be overwhelming, and sometimes we all just need someone with even a little bit more experience to point us in a direction with a high probability of deliciousness.

Taste is one of the most highly personal things in all of human existence, and no one can tell you what you will like (and you should be dubious of anyone who claims they can). But we have enough confidence in these selections that we will make you this promise: we will credit you for or replace any tin you buy from us, for any reason, even if you just don’t like it. These are the good ones.

Comes with a free 8-page mini-zine “Tinned Fish, A Field Guide” created by daywithmei (and cut and folded by Dan).

Here’s daywithmei walking you through these selections:


The Basic Box exactly fills a 0.1 cubic foot Priority Mail box with no extra room for additional items. You can certainly order additional items, but adding anything means moving to a larger box.

The Basic Box + Tunas will fit in a 0.2 cubic foot Priority Mail box with extra space available for another 1-7 standard-sized tins without changing the shipping cost. Meaning, it will cost the same to ship the Basic + Tuna as it would to ship the Basic + Tuna + another 1-7 tins.

Maybe you have tins that caught your eye that you want to try after you work your way through the basics?

Or, maybe you want RTG to choose some additional tins to suit your budget and (optional) guidelines/restrictions. If you want RTG to choose more tins to fill out the box (or the budget of your enthusiasm), please add add the Surprise Me to your order as a separate item.

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Basic, Basic + Tunas


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