Rainbow Tomatoes Garden LLC
2979 Kutztown Road
East Greenville, PA 18041
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Call or Text: +1 570-762-6140
E-mail: rainbowtomatoesgarden@gmail.com

Tomato sales for 2023 are now finished.

The in-person, physical Tinned Fish Shop is also now closed for the season.

Our online store, open year-round, sells and ships the world’s largest selection of tinned seafood.

We close the stand during the coldest months as it is open to the weather on two sides. Pick-ups by prior arrangement are possible year round.

We are small by choice, and by design. We love small-batch, custom, and bespoke. We grow for flavor, and we sell only things we love.

If you have a product that you think we will love, we are happy to taste it and tell you our thoughts. Please send to the address below, Attn: Dan, and include your ordering policies along with wholesale and retail pricing.