Bogar Cockles in Brine 45/55


Some companies erroneously refer to cockles as “baby clams”, but they are not baby clams, they are their own thing. Both are bivalve molluscs, but one is not the immature version of the other. Which will be obvious to you if you look at them. Cockles have a characteristic orangish-yellow comma foot to them, and (we feel) a sweeter flavor. Elevate any dish that calls for clams by swapping in cockles. Or serve them straight from the tin with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

111g (net) tin

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Ingredients: Cockles, water, salt.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm —


  1. toolndie (verified owner)

    Loosely packed tin of penny sized Cockles…
    The cockles are delicious!…sweet meat that tastes of the ocean…when I eat these I can hear the gulls singing…a fairly big hit of salt…flavor wise it is similar to a clam, but to my taste they are sweeter and richer in flavor…as Dan mentioned a squeeze of fresh lemon really sets these off…and this balances out the saltiness in a very positive way…did I mention that they are flat out delicious…washed these down with a Brut Sparkling Wine from California…perfect!!

  2. Aaron Klopp (verified owner)

    These were delicious! I second any descriptions that compliment the “fresh from the sea,” taste. The brine is great and these would go really well with a cold white wine. We had these straight from the tin (with a squeeze of fresh lemon) along with a few club crackers. I could see these being amazing on a bed of angel hair pasta as well. I’ve been really enjoying mussels, clams, etc lately, and most of those have been in an escabeche, or red sauce of some kind – and those are great by themselves, but if you want the fresh, clean, briny flavor of the ocean (w/o oil)- these are a go-to!

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