Codesa Serie Oro (Gold Series) Anchovy Fillet in Olive Oil


This tinned anchovy item is semipreserved, and should be kept cool during storage.

This company produces the anchovy fillet judged by as #1 on the Anchovy list and #5 on the Overall list. This is not that tin. That tin is their “Serie Limitada“, and it is not available for purchase in the US at this moment  (we’re working on it). This is the next best thing: the best available anchovy fillet from the producer of the best anchovy fillet in the world.

This is a spectacular anchovy. If you don’t like these, you don’t like anchovies.

55g tin

Pictured in caesar dressing, homemade puttanesca sauce, and gildas.

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Ingredients: anchovies (Engraulis encrasicolus), olive oil, salt.


  1. Arielle McManus (verified owner)

    This is THE most delicious anchovy I’ve ever eaten. I served mine with olive oil and grated lemon zest over sourdough with a bit of butter at a dinner party, and it was a total eat. I’d eat this every day if I could.

  2. Jacob Rosch (verified owner)

    These were amazing. Absolutely the best anchovies I’ve had. Great sweet flavor without over powering salt. Just ordered another can!

  3. Gabriel Siciliano (verified owner)

    Simply divine. My first impression opening the can was that they were beautifully presented morsels begging to be plucked from the tin and eaten. Upon spearing one with my anchovy fork and taking an exploratory bite, I exclaimed aloud, “Oh my goodness!” They are like nothing I have ever had. The texture was incredible, toothsome and almost chewy before melting on the tongue, and the semisolid bones provided an ever-so-delicate contrast to the tender flesh. The flavor is extremely savory, slightly acidic, and much, much more nuanced than any anchovy I’ve tried before, and my Sicilian heart sang with each bite. The oil from the can was delicious drizzled on a vegetable crudite of carrots, turnips, and winter radish from my farm’s root cellar.

  4. Betty Chu (verified owner)

    Fantastic anchovy, on what I’d consider the milder side in terms of funkiness and saltiness. This is a good candidate for simple recipes where the anchovy can be the star.

  5. Lawrence Kalinowski (verified owner)

    enjoyed some on a frittata featuring harissa & sundried tomatoes. mild, less salty – super approachable and delicious. the umami was mouth watering. i love anchovies & this might be the best example i’ve ever had. i poured some of oil on my frittata, of course! its taking some will power to put them back in the fridge.

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