Combo Pack: King Oscar One-Stop Shop


Every available style of King Oscar Sardine, Sprat (regular and Royal Selection), Kipper, and Mackerel. Comes with a free pair of King Oscar Koozies and a King Oscar Bartender’s Bottle Opener.

Every grocery store carries some King Oscar. But they don’t carry very many of them, and that’s the problem I set out to fix. The average is five. King Oscar makes almost thirty. You’d normally have to obtain a map from the sardine underground and waste a day and a half driving around to locate all of these products in one place.

What’s not in this? The cod liver, the cod liver and roe pate (seriously awesome, but, clearly not for everyone), the four new yellowfin tunas (also awesome, but a lot of people who haven’t tried all four kinds of tuna don’t realize that tuna is as lovable as mackerel), and the products packed in water or soybean oil, because yuck.

What is in this? Every King Oscar you’ve wanted to try, including the new one.


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