Don Gastronom (La Narval) Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil 4/6


This is the tin that got me hooked on the brand.

I initially thought the price point was so low it was suspect. Then I had some Angelo Parodi and realized it was possible to do a really good mackerel at a really good price. And I ordered in samples of all their products. This was the first tin I opened. Definitely one of the best cost-to-quality ratio products I’ve found. Boneless and skinless fillets that are great as is or deployed into hundreds of possible uses. Use as you would tuna or as you would sardines. These are that versatile.

110g tin

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Ingredients: mackerel (Scomber australascos), olive oil and salt.


  1. twa101 (verified owner)

    This was my first Don Gastronom product ever, and I opened the tin to almost no smells at all. If I were blindfolded I might not have known it was a tin of fish. This can is packed rather loosely and the olive oil is very light in color. The taste was very mild, and the texture was buttery, reminding me a bit of the texture of lox. The oil was on a different level, by far the best oil I’ve had in a can of mackerel. The only downside was that I would have preferred a little more salt, but I’d rather a tin be under salted than oversalted. At $6 a can, it punches way above its weight and should change its name to Don Gastronomnomnom. I think this is a must try tin for anyone who likes mackerel at a price that won’t break the bank.

  2. Pat Hachey (verified owner)

    My first mackerel! Its moist but firm; it definitely has a nice chew to it. The flesh is flaky and can be cleaved into distinct striations. At first the flavor is mild then it comes to the fish and the oil, with low salt levels, but then the pieces at the bottom have really saturated in the oil. Really high quality stuff! Especially for the price. Has me really looking forward to not only trying other mackerel but also other Don Gastronom stuff.

  3. Orion Maier (verified owner)

    My first canned fish ever. These mackerel fillets had a light/medium fishy flavor that was complemented very well by the olive oil they were canned in. I’m not too sure if they would’ve been as enjoyable if they had been canned in water, but I’ll have to see for myself. The filets flaked apart with a little effort but can easily be enjoyed as whole filets straight from the can. I would definitely buy these again as a great intro to canned fish for some of my friends.

  4. Lauren Giunta (verified owner)

    Based on Dan’s description, I’m wondering if he knows something I don’t know about this tin because it was not my favorite. Fairly dry filets in pretty tame oo. Lower on salt as others have mentioned. This was one of the first tins that my partner & I couldn’t get through in one sitting. I think I’m realizing that fileted mackerel is just not typically my thing, the exception being the King Oscar tins. Not sure if it’s because the mackerel is from colder Polish waters, or because of some more nefarious commercial processing method that I’m yet unaware of, but I’d grab a plain oo KO mack tin over this one any day.

  5. newsletteracct (verified owner)

    This mackerel is a delightful blank slate for any number of preparations. Solid and flaky, I put it in crackers with avocado mash, minced shallot, and cherry tomatoes. I frequently turn to tinned seafood with spices and sauces as a shortcut to a flavorful meal, but at $6 the quality of the fish in this tin is certainly nothing to complain about.

  6. Evan V (verified owner)

    This is a great tin and I think it’s one of the best price to quality tins of mackerel I’ve had. Firm fish, beautiful fillets, great fish flavor but not in any sort of “fishy” way. I just eat this out of the tin with some bread and salt, soaking up the tasty olive oil with the bread, as it doesn’t need anything else to really enjoy it (some lettuce and pickles on the side are nice too). If you like mackerel, or just want to try mackerel, this is a great tin.

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