Don Gastronom (La Narval) Small Sardines in Olive Oil 10/12


Steamed in seawater and then dried before being tinned to improve absorption of the oil.

120g tin

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Ingredients: sardines (Sardina pilchardus), olive oil and salt.

Additional information

type of fish


tin liquid

olive oil


  1. Evan Viviano (verified owner)

    A great can of sardines – they are packed beautifully, with great flavor and texture. I’ve had a couple cans of these now, and really enjoy them. I can eat them straight from the can or with some nice bread – they don’t really need anything else!

  2. Isaac Zisman (verified owner)

    An excellent medium pilchard. Pearlescent, clean fish with balanced salinity and a lovely, slightly flakey texture. Will definitely slot into the rotation.

  3. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    They’re plain but very good (even straight from the tin at room temp). Enough flavor and seasoning here that you don’t really need to add a thing although they’d support that too. These medium fillets hit a great medium texture and medium moisture – no dryness, no chewiness. They are not far behind Ferrigno Les Belles de Marseille Les Pitchounettes when it comes to small sardines … and that’s a compliment. I continue to be impressed by Don Gastronom and will be happy to occasionally order these again when I want a pure small sardine experience.

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