Eugène Brunel Cornichons Extra-Fins


So many cornichons, so little time, how does one decide? Well, we recommend trying them all, because that’s the only way to be sure. And if we sell it, it’s one of the good ones, because we don’t sell anything just to be moving the widgets. We are an engine of gustatory delight, primarily. Our motivations are more sensory than financial, we admit it.

We think these are, overall, the smallest cornichons of the brands we carry, and the most balanced in flavor–the mustard, coriander and tarragon are present, but understated, it’s mostly the vinegar+gherkin flavor that comes through.

12.5 oz (350g) glass jar

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Ingredients: Gherkins , vinegar, salt, onions, mustard seeds, coriander, tarragon.


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