Fangst Danish Freshwater Trout Smoked, with Juniper and Lemon Thyme

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In his childhood, Martin co-founder of FANGST, enjoyed his many visits on trout farms with his father, a biologist dedicated to developing world-class farming of trout in Danish freshwater. In this can, we have preserved a bit of that memory – and some delicious tinned smoked trout with juniper and lemon thyme.

110g tin

Tinned smoked trout pictured with buttered marble rye.

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Additional info:
Species (Latin): Oncorhynchus mykiss
Water: Farmed in Danish freshwater
Net weight/Nettovægt: 110g
Ingredients: Smoked trout (73%), cold pressed rapeseed oil, salt, juniper, lemon thyme.
Ingredienser: Røget ørred (73%), koldpresset rapskimolie, salt, enebær, citrontimian.

Nutritional values per 100g/Næringsværdi pr. 100g
Energy/energi: 1426 kJ/341 kcal
Fat/fedt: 31,1g
of which saturated acids/heraf mættede fedtsyrer: 2,6g
Carbohydrates/Kulhydrater: 0g
of which sugars/heraf sukkerarter: 0g
Protein: 16,1g
Salt: 1,8g

2 reviews for Fangst Danish Freshwater Trout Smoked, with Juniper and Lemon Thyme

  1. Max Raden (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful trout. The texture has not been compromised even a little bit. Firm, flaky but, not tough. Superb flavor.

  2. Pat Hachey (verified owner)

    This is my first canned trout and it is truly immaculate. The texture is perfectly tender and flaky and not dry. The juniper really shines through for a unique, yet familiar accent. The filets look beautifully pink and striated. There is an ideal level of smoke flavor that doesn’t overpower the other seasonings at play. I found myself picking out the smallest of pieces to prolong savoring the flavors. It was like fish candy. If I could eat this every day I would. As a word of caution I would not recommend serving this on something warm, it seemed to be a detriment to the texture.

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