Fangst Sprat no. 2 (Smoked) Baltic Sea

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Baltic Sea sprat – lightly smoked. In cold pressed rapeseed oil.

’Brisling’ is a small fish that traditionally was landed in great numbers along the Scandinavian and Baltic coastlines. Here it was prepared by hand and preserved in cans to be sold as a Nordic version of sardine.

The brisling from FANGST is our contribution to revive and create a new place for this fine fish as the ‘Nordic sardine’.

For more menu suggestions from Fangst, please see this PDF:  Fangst inspiration

Ranked #38 on the Overall list, and #9 on the Sardine list.

Net weight: 100g

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Additional info:
Species (Latin): Sprattus sprattus
Water: Baltic Sea, FAO 27.III.d
Net weight/Nettovægt: 100g
Ingredients: Smoked sprats (70%), cold pressed rapeseed oil (28,6%), salt
Ingredienser: Røgede brislinger (70%), koldpresset rapsolie (28,6%), salt

1 review for Fangst Sprat no. 2 (Smoked) Baltic Sea

  1. Cory Bouffard (verified owner)

    I received these this past week as a gift from Dan. I like just about anything that lives in the sea, specifically sprats.

    The way these were shipped was actually pretty nice, the packaging was fairly robust and was a higher quality than what I expected.

    The product I received looked identical to the photos on this page. Very pretty.

    The fish had a fantastic flavor and a perfect texture. The oil was not very rich like olive oil. The smoky flavor wasn’t intense, it was about the same as other smoked fish that don’t use liquid smoke. There seemed to be a generous amount of salt but it wasn’t too salty.

    I typically enjoy dines with some red onion and hot sauce on crispbread, but for these they were so good I just ate them by themselves.

    I highly recommend these to anyone who enjoys sprats.

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