Fangst Sprat no. 2 (Smoked) Baltic Sea


Baltic Sea sprat – lightly smoked. In cold pressed rapeseed oil.

’Brisling’ is a small fish that traditionally was landed in great numbers along the Scandinavian and Baltic coastlines. Here it was prepared by hand and preserved in cans to be sold as a Nordic version of sardine.

The brisling from FANGST is our contribution to revive and create a new place for this fine fish as the ‘Nordic sardine’.

For more menu suggestions from Fangst, please see this PDF:  Fangst inspiration

Ranked #38 on the Overall list, and #9 on the Sardine list.

Net weight: 100g

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Additional info:
Species (Latin): Sprattus sprattus
Water: Baltic Sea, FAO 27.III.d
Net weight/Nettovægt: 100g
Ingredients: Smoked sprats (70%), cold pressed rapeseed oil (28,6%), salt
Ingredienser: Røgede brislinger (70%), koldpresset rapsolie (28,6%), salt

See what Matthew Carlson has to say about these sprats.


  1. Cory Bouffard (verified owner)

    I received these this past week as a gift from Dan. I like just about anything that lives in the sea, specifically sprats.

    The way these were shipped was actually pretty nice, the packaging was fairly robust and was a higher quality than what I expected.

    The product I received looked identical to the photos on this page. Very pretty.

    The fish had a fantastic flavor and a perfect texture. The oil was not very rich like olive oil. The smoky flavor wasn’t intense, it was about the same as other smoked fish that don’t use liquid smoke. There seemed to be a generous amount of salt but it wasn’t too salty.

    I typically enjoy dines with some red onion and hot sauce on crispbread, but for these they were so good I just ate them by themselves.

    I highly recommend these to anyone who enjoys sprats.

  2. Patrick Hachey (verified owner)

    These feel very cozy. Like you’re warming up under a knit blanket next to a wood stove. Each one is golden brown and packed with smoke and salt flavor. They’re very soft, but not mushy. They still maintain structural integrity when plucked from the can with chopsticks. The oil is light and has some of the smoke that the fishies themselves are infused with. Next time I try these will definitely be on a bagel with cream cheese, onions and maybe capers. Bonus points for having a lid that peels back clean and easily.

  3. James Tagger (verified owner)

    My very first order, I purchased two tins to try, and once my son and had them, we were instantly hooked. These are now a must every time we place an order! Just the appearance alone when opening a tin brings warmth. The careful, beautifully packed sprats, with their shimmering silver, underneath the golden hue of the oil almost makes you feel guilty to dig in. But once you do, all the amazing flavors with the perfect smokiness, makes any guilt quickly go away.

  4. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    4 stars all day. Fangst quality is there just like you knew it would be. Smoke is pretty light, can’t compete with the heavier-smoked sprats like Riga Gold or Belveder. Fish was perfectly firm and not dry in any way. Oil was light and didn’t add much of anything other than moisture.

    Mostly … I … I’m just not sure why they exist? The Fangst no. 1 tin is also lightly smoked, but adds heather and chamomile for depth of flavor. The complexity of that one (at least as I remember it) was significantly more than this one. Is this tin exclusively for people who don’t like the hint of heather & chamomile?? Don’t get me wrong, this is great. Maybe I’d even make it a 4.5 star tin if Dan allowed partial stars here.

    If you love Fangst quality and a little bit of smoke, get the no. 1 tin with heather & chamomile instead. If you love lots of smoke flavor and don’t mind that the fish is softer & slightly lower in quality, get Riga Gold or Belveder. Bottom line: Just because I’m so confused that this product exists doesn’t change the fact that these are very, very good.

  5. wadematthewtroyer (verified owner)

    These were probably the most beautiful fish I have seen in a can before. They were packed neatly and the skin was unblemished and untouched, the smoky yellow/brown color and shine almost giving off the impression of small sardines wrapped in gold leaf.

    Now onto taste, these were a bit too smoky for my preferences. The texture was great and none of the sardines fell apart in going from the can to my mouth. The smoke flavor was just a bit overwhelming.

    While I liked these, I think I prefer the Fangst No. 1 more and given they are the same price, I don’t see myself every getting these again unless I become more accustomed to the smokiness over time. They were gosh dang beautiful though!

  6. Greg L (verified owner)

    Fangst sardines are a rare pleasure in life, and this tin is no different. I think the most impressive thing about Fangst tins, for me, is how pristine the fish look in the tin. Perfect, shimmery, brown/gold skin. Excellent smell and light, but present, smoke. The flavor is very clean. All sardine with a hint of smoke. Normally, I love a heavily smoked fish. But I appreciate that the smoke doesn’t overpower these clearly amazing quality fish. In a lesser quality fish, I might be disappointed at the lack of heavy smoke flavor or extra seasonings. But these are pretty close to perfect. I absolutely loved them.

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