Ferrigno La Bonne Mer Sardines à la Brousse (with Whey Cheese, Tomato, and Herbs)


Sardines in a sauce of Brousse cheese, tomato and herb. Never heard of a whey cheese? Think of ricotta and you won’t be too far off. So this is a tin of sardines in a cheesy tomato sauce with herbs (including mint!).

115g (4 oz) tin

Pictured warmed and served with fresh cherry tomato slices and herbs.

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Ingredients: Sardines (Sardina pilchardus) 65%, water, Brousse cheese 6% (pasteurized whole cow’s milk, whey, cream, milk protein, salt, acidifier: citric acid), tomato concentrate 6%, extra virgin olive oil, eggs, garlic, salt, pepper, aromatic plants including mint 0.09%.


  1. twa101 (verified owner)

    Not an attractive tin upon opening but there were three, very big sardines smothered in rather creamy looking tomato sauce. The fish held together nicely and while they were not as moist as a sardine in oil they still had a good texture and flavor. I was expecting to see tome pieces of cheese, but apparently Brousse has a similar consistency to ricotta, so it had just dissolved into the tomato and oil and provided the creamy consistency. This is probably a can that would be best heated up but I ate it as is. If you like sardines in tomato sauce, give this one a try as it is slightly different than your normal sauced deen.

  2. Matt (verified owner)

    This is a pretty unique tin, I agree with the previous review that the brousse is a similar flavor/consistency to ricotta. These were like sardines in a creamy tomato sauce. Heated in the tin and sopped up the sauce with some nice crusty bread.

  3. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    I love Ferrigno artwork tins, but this didn’t quite do it for me as much as others. Perhaps it’s because I ate it at room temp, straight from the tin (as I do all Ferrigno)? At any rate, you still can expect the same overall quality that you expect from Ferrigno except maybe this tin’s fish was a touch more towards dry than usual. For me, the real draw to the artwork tins are the amount of fix’ins … here, it’s just sauce without any chunks or bits. I found the sauce to be pleasingly thick but overall, pretty bland. Adding salt and some lemon helped, adding various hot sauces didn’t. I wasn’t able to pick up on any distinct cheese flavor in the sauce and I’m not totally sure I’d have been guessed ‘tomato sauce’ in a blind taste test because it just didn’t have a ton of flavor in any direction. Overall, this was fine, perfectly fine. But I’d very very strongly direct you to the ratatouille tin instead if you really want a nice example of Ferrigno with tomato-based sauce.

  4. rmm59 (verified owner)

    The artwork on this tin was unfortunately the most standout part of my experience with it. The sardines were solid, but the brousse cheese fell short of my expectations – it was very neutral, and simply offered a creamy consistency. I had this tin with some toasted bread, but it was an overall forgettable experience. Would still recommend trying, but there are more standout Ferrigno tins in my opinion.


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