Groix & Nature Seaweed Tartare with Capers and Pickles


Most of our favorite food products are French, there’s no secret about that, and most often with those products their ingredient list is all the promotional copy that needs to be generated, because when you hear what’s in it you know immediately that it’s going to be delicious.

Three different seaweeds, olive oil, capers, pickles, shallots, onions and garlic (three seaweeds, three alliums, oh my). Et voilà.

100g (3.5 oz jar)

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Ingredients: Mix of 3 seaweeds (sea beans, sea lettuce, dulce), olive oil, capers (capers, water, vinegar, salt), pickles (pickles, water, salt, alcohol vinegar, aroma tarragon), shallots, onions, nut oil, garlic.


  1. luke (verified owner)

    I expected this to taste much more vegetal than it did. If I tasted this blind I would have guessed it was actually fish or shellfish based. It’s wonderful and complex – and can totally stand alone as a part of a conservas board – as opposed to a garnish. A nice bit of acid from the pickling keeps this pretty balanced, but it’s not overpowering. Very savory.

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