Marusa Shirasu Whitebait (“Anchovies”) with Garlic Flakes and Togarishi


Whitebait is the immature fry of a variety of different species, in these Japanese products it is primarily anchovy and a lesser amount of sardine. Used as a garnish atop vegetable or tofu dishes served atop or alongside rice, or even as the sole topper for a bowl of rice.

“Togarishi” means pepper, the specific pepper in this is Takanotsume, which translates to “The Claw of the Hawk”.

85g tin (2.8 oz)

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Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Anchovies (Whitebait), Garlic Flakes, Togarishi.

Contains: Anchovy

Unsure what to do with these? Try this preparation.

Made on equipment that also processes crustacean shellfish (crab, shrimp)


  1. Henry Sielski (verified owner)

    This was the first can of an omakase curated by Dan. It didn’t disappoint. While the appearance was surprising (if you didn’t watch the video), the taste was meaty (not fishy) with a little spice. The appearance reminded me of the pictures of the Spanish baby eels, but without the exorbitant price. It was very good over rice. A great experience! I would buy this product again.

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