Matiz Giant Calamari with White Beans and Paprika


Serve with crusty bread, or a protein addition to salad, rice, or pasta.

115g (4.05 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Giant calamari (Dosidicus gigas), sunflower oil, beans, spices (sweet paprika, hot paprika), onion, wine vinegar and sea salt.

Produced free of gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, and soy.


  1. blythepnh (verified owner)

    Pretty good! I love squid and this has a nice, buttery flavor. The balance of the different types of paprika is great, and I really like the beans. I ate this warmed with pasta and loads of fresh cilantro. I think I let it warm in the pan for about a minute too long, and the texture was a little off, but that’s on me.

  2. Lunchtime Toothbrush (verified owner)

    This product works a treat as ready to go appetizer, but for us the second tin was even better after being submerged in hot water for a couple of minutes before opening. The squid and beans were both tender, taking on the warm savory flavor of the spiced oil. Our additions were unimaginitive- a little bit of lemon squeezed over top and crusty bread serving as the usual trusted vehicle. Having sherry vinegar or chimichurri on hand for the next attempt could be fun.

    It’s balanced, approachable, and exemplary as a complete dish in a can.

  3. Sandra Dixon (verified owner)

    Warmed over some leftover rice with a sprinkle of furikake made a simple work lunch. I love the beans. The squid was a bit chewy, but that could’ve been because I heated it too long.

  4. Lawrence Kalinowski (verified owner)

    the fun juxtaposition here is super obvious. the creamy white bean in combination with toothsome squid. tied together by salt, paprika & oil.

    somewhere between loose and tightly packed. a burnt orange oil. beans on the bottom, varying size squid sections on top. visually exciting.

    the oil itself is non-confrontational. an attractive backdrop. as paprika isn’t aggressive the color is the personality.

    the bean has a two note salty yumminess. also very creamy. cooked well.

    the squid has a comfortable chew and the typical flavor.

    all in all, sum of its parts exceeds any individual component. so well thought out and balanced.

    ate it with baguette slices. i don’t think that’s necessary at all. the tin is fine by itself.

  5. isabelastephens (verified owner)

    This was my second Matiz tin (the Octopus in olive oil was my first) and I loved it! I added a bit of lemon juice to it and served over some pasta! The squid had a great, tender texture that paired so well with the soft beans and the starchiness of the pasta. I think next time I’ll be enjoying this tin on its own though, say for some lemon juice. Definitely try these if you’re on the fence, they’re a tasty treat!

  6. jacob.harris.122 (verified owner)

    The squid is tasty – it has a mild meaty flavor. The texture is better than any home-cooked squid I’ve had, not rubbery at all but still al dente. The beans are great, creamy but not mushy and soak up a lot of flavor. If I could get a can of all beans I would. The paprika flavor is a welcome background note. I ate it over warm rice and it was very enjoyable, no other accouterments needed. Next time I would try frying it briefly in its oil.

  7. Irina (verified owner)

    These calamari were good – chewy and soft, and plenty flavorful. However, paired with the white beans in a single bite, they absolutely blew my mind. I would have never thought of the pairing myself, but I am a huge fan of the way that the flavors and textures meld together. Chewy squid with soft and creamy white beans, both were savory but the beans added an extra richness to the pairing.

    I didn’t have very much self control so I ate these straight out of the tin on crackers, but I imagine they would be even better served warm over toast. I will definitely be ordering these again!

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