Matiz Spicy Sardines with Piri Piri Pepper


We reach most often for spicy sardines, then probably smoked, then lemon, then plain. They pretty much all use piri piri peppers, and they rarely have enough heat for people who like heat. But, that’s why hot sauces were invented.  These won’t blow your doors off, heat-wise, but we think you’ll be surprised at how good they are for the price.

120g tin

In stock


Ingredients: sardines, olive oil, piri piri chili pepper, salt


  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    In general I think that Matiz sardines are both consistent in quality and at a fair price point for that quality. I like a bit of extra spice and heat so I’m happy to see options to buy spicy sardines, particularly from a brand I feel I can trust in Matiz.

    Upon opening a tin of these spicy sardines I’m presented with some shiny, silvery skin, mostly unmarked though not blemish-free, on some plump looking fish. Extracting the sardines is a bit of a trick as they’re packed in there tightly, and once out of the tin I see one small red pepper that was hiding out under the fish. Though a bit tricky to extract, the sardines come out mostly unscathed, as they appear to be pretty stout, and somewhat firm.

    There’s a light, clean aroma and a light sip of the oil presents a hint of extra heat at the back of the throat, though nothing overpowering. Straight from the tin the sardines are great on their own, with a nice moderately firm bite to them, and light hint of extra spice. Given the extra flavoring, if you’re a straight-from-the-tin sardine eater, I think these will be a treat. Served up with a some rice, crackers, bread, or pasta, they could make for a nice meal.

    These are just spicy enough to add a little extra to the flavor profile of the sardines, but not so spicy as to scare away folks who don’t rate their meals on a scoville scale. I’m happy to have these in a regular rotation.

  2. Patrick Hachey (verified owner)

    These are pretty, big dudes! Very clean presentation with beautiful silvery skin and a bright red pepper placed right on top. The flesh is moist and salty. They’re on the softer side but far from being mushy. I was able to easily bisect one and pluck the entire spine out in one piece like some kind of sicko, leaving the very clean filets behind. The spice level kind of blindsided me at first. Not that they’re too spicy, but its a more significant spice level on the spectrum of spiced sardines on first bite. That definitely mellows out as you work your way through the rest of the can. A great standard to hold others to, where this is absolutely a quality, affordable option.

  3. Greg L (verified owner)

    These are great. As usual, Matiz provides a high quality you can rely on. This tin has the distinction of having the largest sardines I’ve had (… probably. I don’t actually keep measurements). The fish had beautifully shimmery skin and there were 3 in the tin with a single pepper. The oil had a very light red tint from the pepper infusion. The skin of the fish was quite fragile due to how moist and tender the sardines are. No scales or grit, other than just a bit of tail that remained on one of them. Flavor of the fish is pretty much identical to a regular Matiz tin (really great), and the oil had a pleasant warmth to it. What’s nice is that, straight out of the tin and drained, they weren’t all that spicy. But if a bit more spice is desired, adding back some oil really made a noticeable difference to the level of hotness. Just like regular Matiz sardines, I’m highly likely to keep coming back to these.

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