Ramón Peña Mackerel Fillets with Lemon, Silver Line


Boneless and skinless mackerel fillets with lemon and just a hint of coriander. Lovely fillets with delicious, subtle flavorings added. Great on their own or in place of canned tuna in any recipe you love enough to want to upgrade the experience.

115g (4 oz ) tin

In stock

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Ingredients: Mackerel (Scomber scombrus), olive oil, lemon, coriander and salt.


  1. deenzandgreenz (verified owner)

    I wanted to love this, but overall found it to be just okay. I really enjoyed the hint of lemon, but the fishy taste of this mackerel was very overpowering. Great for those who love strong fishy flavor, but this was not my favorite tin of Ramon Pena.

  2. twa101 (verified owner)

    This was a fantastic can of fish! The fillets were succulent and soft, but with a great toothsome texture. Since there wasn’t a whole lot of oil in the tin, I’m assuming that the fish did a good job at absorbing the oil, or perhaps these mackerels were a bit fattier than average. They tasted great as well with just enough lemon to accent the fish but not overpower it and were properly seasoned with salt. There was also a hint of another flavor that I could not identify and after re-examining the box, it must be the coriander. The oil good enough just to sip but would be delicious drizzled over some rice. Not only were the fillets delicious, but they also stayed together well enough to be used in a composed dish if one is able to resist noshing them right out of the can. A bit pricey, but this would make a great special occasion tin.

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