Real Conservera Mussels in Escabeche 7/9, Grandes


To enjoy the mussels at their best, eat cold. Ideally put the can in ice or in the freezer 5-10 minutes before opening for consumption.

112g tin

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Ingredients: Cooked mussels (Mytillus galloprovincialis), fried in olive oil and paired with escabeche.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm —


  1. kcward (verified owner)

    This is the most spendy tin of mussels at RTG at, currently, $27. It also ranks at #9 on the world tin list. Is it worth it? IDK. When I popped the lid, the aroma from the Escabeche was sublime. I tried a few straight from the tin, and all I can say is that they were absolutely perfect. More so than I expected. Give me $1M and I’d eat these every day. As it is, sadly, I’ll have to do this only on special occasions. Still in the queue are Conservas de Cambados, La Brujula, also spendy, though I hope they compete. Do these at least once, to see what tinned mussels can achieve.

  2. largerbirdy (verified owner)

    First thing which impressed me out the gate was right on the box: they were definitely gigante.

    In terms of taste this tin was delectable. (Though I shouldn’t) I couldn’t help but compare them to freshly prepared mussels — especially in terms of texture. Don’t expect these to be bouncy. They’re soft and smooth like pate. Not chalky. Great mussel flavor and while having a fishy-aftertaste this was not so unpleasant. Rich and sweet.

    To be fair, I erred by putting these in the fridge rather than the freezer before opening so surely not as chilled as recommended… may you learn from my mistakes.

    We had them with chili crisps and butter on ciabatta toast which you can see on Imgur if that pleases you:

    As a fan of mussels (come on! who isn’t!) this can really excited me. After trying an economical tin of smoked mussels from my neighborhood grocery store, I began my expedition to witness just how deep the art of canned seafood went vis-à-vis mussels. If you’re anything like me, the Real Conservera Mussels is a worthy purchase just to have you calibrate your personal quality-to-price barometer. If that’s not you, expect a special tin that will wow and promptly disappear.

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