Sempio Ssam Pickled Perilla Leaves in Soy Sauce


The perilla leaves are marinated in Sempio soy sauce, pickling spices and vinegar to give a rich, refreshing, and umami flavor. It cuts through the greasiness of grilled meat (or tinned fish!) and balances out the overall flavor.

70g tin

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Ingredients: Pickled perilla leaves, Soy sauce, Sugar, Corn syrup, Vinegar, Hydrolyzed wheat protein, Yeast extract, Gluconic acid, Pickling spices, Water


  1. ptaillon (verified owner)

    I really like the balance of sweet and salty with these. And there is a slight kick from the red pepper, but not enough where i would consider it “spicy”. Just a nice kick. As it says in the description, I would pair this with grilled meat and definitely tinned fish. i ate mine with mackerel and it was a great pairing. Another option would be to mix the leaves and liquid in rice along with your tinned fish. So good!

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