Surprise Me

Excited to try tinned fish but overwhelmed with options because you don’t even know enough to know what you might like? No problem. Just tell us how much you want to spend (not including shipping) and we’ll build a box for you that won’t suck. I mean, face it, we have a vested interest in delighting your taste buds enough that you come running back, right? Pick a number, any number, and we’ll do our magic.

Can be sent as a gift. Can be added to an order for items you know you want. We’re super-flexible, just ask.

If you have a history of ordering with us, you may also ask us to send “no dupes” and we will ensure that nothing in the box is something you’ve ordered from us previously.

If you have any allergies of any kind, please add a note during checkout. If no note, we will assume no allergies.

Suggested price: $0.00

Minimum price: $3.25


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