A Favor

Do you want to ask a favor? Askin’s free, as Dan says. Just add this item to your order and tell us what you need in the order notes. We read and respond to everything.

Favors we have accomplished:

  • Split payment for a single order across multiple payment methods (to hide the overall cost…we don’t judge)
  • Printed out a letter to include in a gift box
  • Shipped to arrive on a special day (within the limits of USPS)
  • Shipped identical versions of the same order to a small group of friends
  • Consolidated a few small gifts from the sender into a larger box of tins going overseas
  • Before closing up the flat rate shipping box, let the customer know how much space is left available in the box
  • Swap a tin or two out of a combo pack

You can see from that list that  we stick to practical favors.  We do draw the line at frivolous favors and asks, like drawing “unicorn sardines” on the box or including an autographed photo of Dan. 

RTG is a three-person family business: Dan, Jenny, and Helen. We are real people who can take the time to do a favor for you. We deliver exceptional service in ways that companies owned by billionaires can’t, and ways businesses that want to be owned by billionaires won’t. 

 If there’s anything you need, please ask us. If we can do it, we will. If we can’t, we’ll tell you.


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