Angelo Parodi Salmon al Naturale (in water)


We love salmon here, in all its forms, and we love this one because you don’t always want something smoked, and you don’t always want something packed in oil, sometimes you just want something light and delicious no muss no fuss. We love to top salads of mixed baby greens with these filettos.

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120g tin

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Ingredients: salmon (Salmo salar (Atlantic Salmon)), water, salt.


  1. largerbirdy (verified owner)

    Totally tasty. Flaky without being mushy. Definitely a good looking piece of fish when opening the tin — it’s not packed in which made it easier getting it out intact. In fact, I was originally going to mash it into some rice but I thought it looked so nice as is that I ended up just serving it along side. Finished with some lemon, it went amazingly well with my Kewpie/Sriracha nori rolls!

  2. Ben Gradel (verified owner)

    Flaky, does not easily fall apart and is plenty tender. An eye pleasing fillet greets you opening the tin that is not packed tightly in so making it difficult to remove. Not at all mushy or soggy and is still moist, not chalky or dry. Just a few vegetables or starches with herbs away from a great meal. I paired it with dill, coconut aminos, yellow squash and pasta, all friendly complements to this fish.

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