Berthe Sardines in Spiced Olive Oil with Pickles


Unusual in the world of spiced tins in that this one has the piri piri, and it has the pickles, and it has the bay laurel, but it doesn’t have the clove.

125g (4.4 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Sardines, Olive Oil, Carrot, Cucumber, Chilli Pepper, Salt, and Natural Laurel flavouring.

The terms “spiced” and “spicy” are used pretty much interchangeably in the tinned fish world, to mean two different things: with a hot pepper (or hot pepper flavor), and with cloves/bay/carrot/hot pepper. There are many examples of both terms being used to mean both things.

We are so frustrated by how widespread this confusing inconsistent usage is that we’ve gone through our entire product line to correct the incorrect ones such that our description of “spiced” or “spicy” will always indicate which it really is, regardless of the packaging. “Spicy” = with hot pepper flavor. “Spiced” = with the cloves/bay/carrot/hot pepper flavors.

And then there’s this one. It has everything in the spiced except the clove.



  1. HDNeal (verified owner)

    A very solid Portuguese tin of Sardines. Large, firm fish in a nicely spiced oil. I got a trace of heat from these as opposed to most spiced tins. The only real downside is that 2 of the 3 fish had quite a few scales on them. We prefer the Nuri’s, but you cannot go wrong with this tin.

  2. emosberger (verified owner)

    This was a very nice tin of sardines in the Portuguese spiced tradition. Popping the lid I was presented with a muted sardine aroma and hint of pepper. Got a total a three fish (including one enormous chonker) and they were firm enough to come out of the tin without breaking apart. Texture was rather soft (but not mushy) and flaked apart perfectly to place on toast. Best way to describe the spice is “Nuri without the clove”. Honestly I enjoyed the change since the clove in other tins can overpower the other flavors.
    If you enjoy Nuri, Flower or any other of the spiced sardines definitely give this tin a try!

  3. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Always love it when a spiced sardine stands out from the crowd, and that’s exactly what this Berthe did. I didn’t focus as much on what it was missing (clove) but instead on what that meant to the flavor – the result was a refreshing change. My tin wasn’t very spicy at all but most spiced tins aren’t. This one really recalibrated my expectations on a spiced tin and I appreciated it. I suggest you get this and put it head-to-head against your favorite spiced tin one evening … I think you’ll have a great time.

  4. Matt (verified owner)

    Really nice tin! 3 large sardines that are just the right texture. Very nice oil in the tin would be great over rice, pasta or potatoes. I love a tin with pickles, which was a nice surprise here.

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