Berthe Small Sardines in Olive Oil


Small sardines are often confused with sprats, but they are two different species. One is not better than the other, they’re just different. Not sure which you prefer? It’s a rare person that doesn’t love these.

90g (3.1 oz) tin

In stock


Ingredients: Sardines, Olive Oil, and Salt.


  1. Christian Bromley (verified owner)

    These little guys were simple but delicious. I had 9 fish in my tin, so they sit right between the size of a sprat and a pilchard. They had a very tender texture, and, though I prefer firmer deenz, the way they flaked apart was quite satisfying. My favorite quality of the dish was actually the amount of salt that’s present. I often find myself wishing for just a tad more salt in a lot of tins, but both tins I’ve tried from Berthe had the perfect amount for my tastes.
    I’d recommend this to anyone. Overall, it seems like Berthe has some great products that offer good value.

  2. Daniel Fowler (verified owner)

    These were perfect for an easy lunch right out of the tin onto some crackers. The fish were a little bit beat up in the tin, but on par for the price point. I usually stick to boneless sardines, but these were very easy to remove the spines by hand. The fish had a nice buttery texture. The oil was light and basic, complimented the fish well. I would get these again for a budget-friendly lunchtime treat.

  3. HDNeal (verified owner)

    Exactly as they should be. This tin is a bit smaller than most at 3.1 oz. Our tin contained 7 fish. They weren’t the smallest sardines, slightly larger than a sprat. Everything else was right on point – medium texture, mild taste, good olive oil.

  4. emosberger (verified owner)

    This was a wonderful tin and would be a fine introduction for someone who hasn’t had the pleasure of trying small pilchards yet. Received a total of seven little fellas swimming in a nice light olive oil. Texture was just firm enough to come out of the tin in whole pieces but flaked apart easily on toast and crackers. The olive oil was very good and the seasoning was spot-on, didn’t need anything extra.
    Best part is the quality to price ratio – this is perhaps the best bang per buck for a small sardine tin. Highly recommended!

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