Conservas de Cambados Very Small Sardines in Olive Oil 25/30


“Our sardines have been selected for their quality, placed by hand and made in olive oil. They stand out for their silver appearance and magnificent presentation; bright and tasty, with a smooth and juicy texture that make this traditional preserve one of our most exquisite delicacies. Its flavor increases as time goes by due to the rest and maturation in our warehouses.”

115g (4 oz) tin

In stock


Ingredients: Small sardines (Sardina pilchardus), olive oil, salt


  1. Christopher Hutte (verified owner)

    These are the smallest sardines that Cambados sells. There are 25 to 30 fish per tin and they are excellent just like the rest of the Cambados offerings. Presentation is beautiful. Silver fish and golden oil. The fish are firm, but still tender and not chewy. Not dry at all. Olive oil is very high quality as well. The flavor of the fish is clean and mild, salt level is perfect. There’s even a hint of brininess in these little fish like you may find in oysters etc.

    If you like small sardines, definitely don’t skip this tin. One of the best.

  2. William Kennedy (verified owner)

    Light and delicate flavor almost with a hint of “sweetness.” I suspect they would be good on a salad. Firm but not overly so. Very pleasant small sardines. Would make a good introductory fish for the “but I don’t like sardines” crowd. (Hey, these are good!) Good quality olive oil. Well balanced flavor and “mouth feel/appeal.” Great visual appeal. Eating from the can is fine but I recommend plating to remove a bit of excess olive oil and let the flavor of the fish really shine. There is nothing at all wrong with the olive oil, it’s of a high quality, smooth and mild. Maybe it’s that these are so good that I grow impatient (desperate?) waiting for a bit of the oil to drip off when eating from the can and inevitably end up wearing olive oil on my shirt, in my beard, on my shoes etc. trying to stuff my face for instant gratification.

    Easily in my top five or less. Highly recommend.

  3. Greg Roddy (verified owner)

    So this was my first experience with some of the more expensive and higher end sardines and I wasn’t disappointed. I have tried the king oscar cross packs and I could definitely see and taste a difference with these. The oil was of a definitely higher quality and there definitely was a texture and appearance difference than the lower priced cross packs. There is the main problem….price. At almost 4 times the cost of the cross packs these would definitely be reserved for an appetizers tray or as a special treat as at my budget these couldn’t be a daily driver but they definitely were delicious. Will most definitely be purchasing again at some point and wanting to try some of their other products.

  4. Kristine (verified owner)

    This was an enjoyable tin for me that I would rate a 4.5 out of 5. The quality of this product was top notch…. the silver skinned fish were neatly packed and swimming in a gold colored olive oil. The tin smelled briny with almost a slight hint of pleasant ocean smell. These small sardines were well seasoned (might even be on the saltier side of things) and the fish texture was meaty and a medium-soft firmness. Given the slight saltiness, I enjoyed the fish with an arugula salad drizzled with a vinaigrette made from lemon juice and oil from the tin.

  5. casualsparrow (verified owner)

    Amazing. As someone who is on their third time trying to get into canned sardines…these are the ones that just changed my mind. I am so impressed. I’m eating them straight from the tin right now and was compelled to write a review.

    Amazing texture and flavor. Slightly salty. A little sweet. A nice firm texture. Spines so tiny and delicate that I didn’t even notice them. Beautiful. Just wow. Big thanks to RTG for giving me the opportunity to try these, and I will definitely be ordering more.

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