Don Bocarte Anchovy Fillets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 6/7 (BB 04/2024)


This product is semipreserved, and should be kept cool during storage.

Fish from the Gulf of Biscay, caught only during the months of April, May, and June, when they’re at their best.

48g (1.69 oz) tin

Pictured as gildas with manzanilla olives and guindilla peppers.

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Ingredients: anchovies, extra virgin olive oil, and salt.


  1. Matt

    These were absolutely incredible! Nice and meaty, no bones, no grit just amazing flavor! Reminded me a lot of a well aged prosciutto or slightly funky cheese. Ate half the anchovies straight from the tin and the other half with a nice crusty baguette. Not an every day treat, but worth the price of admission for such a special tin.

  2. Kristine (verified owner)

    This was a delightful treat and something I will occasionally order. A 5 out 5 stars for me. High quality umami bombs in the shape of pristine and beautiful looking anchovies. You can tell a lot of care and time was put into preparation of these tins. I enjoyed this with some butter and toast. This is on par with the Codesa anchovies.

  3. StinkHound (verified owner)

    The price for this tin is definitely on the high side, but these anchovies were amazing and made for an excellent special treat. I would absolutely get them again to use for a party or occasion in a dish where the anchovy is the star.

    I used them to make anchovy crostini, on top of some nice grilled baguette and a caper/parsley/lemon compound butter. The anchovies were meaty, creamy, with a wonderful umami flavor and that good kind of funk. They did not have that fishy flavor that some cheaper anchovies have and were not salty at all.

    If you are looking for a splurge I would highly recommend these.

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