Fangst Blåmusling No. 2, Limfjord Blue Mussels Smoked in Cold Pressed Rapeseed (Canola) Oil


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In the cold water of the Danish inlet Limfjorden, ‘blåmuslinger’ (blue mussels) grow slow to acquire a particularly fine taste and texture. Most of them are then shipped off to foreign kitchens but some we keep for ourselves. These Fangst tinned mussels have been smoked with beech wood and preserved in cold pressed rapeseed oil. This is not the industrially produced highly refined canola you may have negative associations with, this is locally grown heritage rapeseed cold pressed to retain all of the benefits of flavor.

110g tin

Pictured with white wine, peas, and parmesan.

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Species (Latin): Mytilus edulis

Limfjorden (in Denmark, FAO 27)
Net weight/Nettovægt: 
Blue mussels (55%), cold pressed rapeseed oil, salt
Blåmuslinger (55%), koldpresset rapsolie, salt

Nutritional values pr 100g/Næringsværdi pr. 100g
Energy/energi: 1211 kJ/293kcal
Fat/fedt: 28g
of which saturated acids/heraf mættede fedtsyrer: 2,0g
Carbohydrates/Kulhydrater: 2,3g
of which sugars/heraf sukkerarter: 0g
Protein: 8g
Salt: 1,5g

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm —


  1. Tabitha Gault (verified owner)

    These are delicious! The flavor is rich and the smokiness is not overpowering. The mussels are quite small but so great on a baguette with tomato and avocado.

  2. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Unbelievable quality. The ideal tin for people who *truly love the flavor of mussels* and want that pure, unadulterated experience. I didn’t even want to eat these on crostini, I only added a few flakes of salt. The texture was so medium-soft perfect with absolutely zero graininess, chewiness, mushiness at all. The oil was so extraordinary that I couldn’t resist drinking it after the mussels were gone. Every bite was an ideal, consistent, flavorful experience.

    I don’t know of a better pure, no-other-flavors-in-the-tin mussel. The Fangst no. 2 mussels are so absolutely different in flavor than the no. 1 mussels that they’re impossible to compare, except in overall quality of the mussels/tin itself. This particular tin is easily in my top 3 tins of mussels alongside the lemon Patagonia and the Fangst no. 1 … I strongly, strongly recommend this splurge.

  3. angel.dionne (verified owner)

    Prior to this tin, I had only tried Clover Leaf smoked mussels as well as a Canadian store brand smoked mussel. They were both ok, but the smokiness was a bit overpowering. I took a chance and included these in my first order here awhile back. I was absolutely blown away by them. First, I didn’t taste much smokiness, but the mussels were very small and tender. The flavour was a bit briny yet sweet. I ate half the tin by itself and the other half I had on crackers with a bit of hot sauce. I can see these being very successful in a chowder or pasta, although I would recommend trying them straight first.

    Bonus: NO grit!

  4. An Nguyen (verified owner)

    This tin was definitely a highlight in my last RTG purchase. The flavor of the mussels are preserved perfectly in the oil and at the same time highlighted with a very subtle smokiness. The mussels themselves were sweet and tender, a little small but that makes them perfect to be enjoyed on a buttered slice of baguette with a squeeze of lemon. The oil they were packed in was also great to sop up with bread.

  5. Fisheye (verified owner)

    These mussels were delicious! They’re about the size of a fingernail and are perfectly smokey and salted. I ate them straight from the can, but I could see them going well with plain crackers or even mixed into a French onion dip.

  6. Joseph Egan (verified owner)

    I just didn’t really like these. I feel like I missed something because I do like mussels fresh so I figured I might enjoy this tin. I ate them on some plain crackers, so maybe I’d like them more with some sort of a sauce. I will be avoiding plain tinned shellfish in the future.

    On the flip side, if you are a big fan of tinned mussels, this tin is nice value. The tin is very large and has many mussels. The quality of each seems good and I had no grit or sand in my tin.

  7. d. chu (verified owner)

    Crazy good mussels! Very different in style than what you would get from Spanish or Portuguese producers.

    They are on the smaller side, but definitely not lacking in flavor. No graininess to the texture, just a perfect “al dente” kind of chew. The brininess and everything we love about shellfish are very evident. The smokiness is restrained, but detectable and not overpowering.

    The rapeseed oil is another highlight, and I would urge you to mop it up with an appropriate carbohydrate or to use it as a dressing in another dish!

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