Ferrigno La Bonne Mer Mussels with Organic Olive Oil, Garlic and Parsley


Chilean mussels in olive oil and garlic and parsley, a perfect tin for a glass of wine, a baguette, and not a wasted drop of tin liquid.

100g (3.52 oz) tin

In stock


Ingredients Mussels (Mytillus galloprovincialis or chilensis) 70%, extra virgin olive oil*, garlic* 10%, parsley* 1%, salt.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm — www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/food


  1. dixiecurrey (verified owner)

    Oh my. Tinned mussels are already always a hit with me, but this kicked it up a notch. By themselves, they’re lovely. Tender and savory, plenty of garlic, nice clean sea taste. However, I 100% recommend taking the advice in the caption. These are made for crusty bread. I added a squeeze of lemon, spooned mussels and their oil onto broiled baguette slices, and topped with just a flake or two of flaky sea salt. Absolutely decadent. 10/10, have already recommended to a friend!!

  2. NoseWalrus (verified owner)

    These were delicious. I can’t stress enough how good these were. I ate them over a slice of toasted, crusty sourdough. It took everything I had in me not to soak up all the garlic parsley oil with the bread and I only stopped myself so I could cook with it later (it turned out great).

    The mussels have a strong (in the best way) garlic flavor with some freshness from the parsley. Garlic and parsley is quickly becoming my favorite flavor combination for tinned fish.

    Strongly recommend. I will be buying again.

  3. silvialouisesheffield (verified owner)

    This was my first experience with tinned mussels and I’d say it was neutral to positive! I liked the flavor but wasn’t crazy about the texture – kind of mushy and grainy. Eating them on crunchy potato chips helped a lot with the texture issue though, and I gobbled them all up while cooking my actual dinner. Not sure if I’ll order again. Nice amount of protein though!

  4. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Very good on their own, but truly excellent when you add Maldon + lemon + cracker. As you’d expect from Ferrigno, there is a tremendous amount of visible garlic and parsley in the tin. The mussel quality is high, texture is very good and consistent, the value is crazy-strong here for what you get for your money.

    In fact, this Ferrigno tin might very well be the perfect “$6 or less” mid-range tin of mussels. (I’d probably have to put them up in a direct head-to-head taste test with Trader Joe’s mussels for that title.) While Patagonia lemon mussels are still my overall favorite followed by Fangst, both of those tins are more expensive than these … so … yep, absolutely reserve a spot for these Ferrigno mussels on your pantry shelf. Recommended!

  5. Greg L (verified owner)

    Very good tin of mussels. They look great upon opening and are packed in quite a large volume of good quality oil. I was pleased (as usual for Ferrigno tins) at the amount of extras in the tin. Lots of garlic and herbs. Enough for every bite. The mussels tasted as great as they smell. However, I found the texture to be ever so slightly dry for my tastes. This was surprising given the volume of oil in the tin. That said, I still thoroughly enjoyed this tin of mussels. It just isn’t my favorite. I still have many more mussel brands to try, but Patagonia (and Trader Joe’s, shockingly) beat these out ever so slightly.

  6. kcward (verified owner)

    Oh, my! As I read through these reviews, I get the distinct sense that I may have done something wrong, or just gotten a bad tin. When I opened it up, the scent of parsley and garlic was lovely. But as I worked my way through it, direct from the tin and with chip accompaniment, things started to taste “fishy” and not in a good way. I thought, “perhaps heated in a water bath?” but the tin was already open. By the end, I was very disappointed. Brave soul that I am, and ever the optimist, I’ll give these another try and hope they live up to other reviewers assessments.

  7. Minatogawa Man (verified owner)

    Another huge hit with us, although we still preferrd the Patagonia mussels w/ lemon and herbs. To be fair, we did not have any lemons around when we tried the Ferrignos so a little fresh lemon might have done wonders. The Patagonias were also probably superior in terms of texture, especially for those who prefer smaller mussels to the largish (for tinned mussels) one by Ferrigno.

  8. Peter Kupchick (verified owner)

    Wow. Wow. Wow. These would be worth it at 2x the price. Opened the tin and tasted one and the oil and immediately fell in love and had an idea. Made some fettuccine and tossed it with the entire tin of these (with the oil!), added two pats cold butter, pasta water. Finished with black pepper, crushed red pepper, and salt to taste. Mind blowing good. Going to order a lot of these.

  9. Stacy Rosenfeld (verified owner)

    WOW. These were worth every penny of the $8.50 I paid for them. The mussels were tender and perfectly cooked. The garlic and parsley were perfect, not overwhelming at all. I squeezed some lemon juice into the tin and enjoyed these with various pickles and butter on sourdough. A new favorite.

  10. angel.dionne (verified owner)

    I just finished eating this tin, and it was a pleasurable experience! I was surprised to find that there is an ample amount of parsley and garlic in this tin. I had expected just a hint of seasoning. However, the amount of parsley and garlic does NOT detract from the rich olive oil and pleasantly creamy mussels. They simply act as a complement to the taste. Furthermore, there were no beards or shell fragments in the mussels. This is a quality tin and worth the $8.50!

  11. toolndie (verified owner)

    The tin is loosely packed with mussels, with diced garlic everywhere!…and a nice amount of parsley. The mussels are not uniform in size and range from dime size to a quarter.
    The mussels themselves have a good flavor but overall are somewhat mild, and lack that rich mussel flavor I get in other tins…the oil however is delicious!…you can really taste the garlic and parsley, and it is of excellent quality…some fresh squeezed lemon makes everything pop.
    Had with toasted and buttered Artisanal Garlic Bread to sop up that delicious oil…The French always nail it with the sauces and oils they put in their tins.
    This was a good tin, and fairly priced.

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