Ferrigno Les Belles de Marseille Mackerel Fillets with Pastis


White mackerel is also known as chub mackerel. These are boneless and skinless fillets with a hint of anise flavor.

125g (4.4 oz) tin

In stock


Ingredients: White mackerel (Scomber colias) 62%, extra virgin olive oil, water, pastis 5%, salt, aromatic plants.


  1. Lauren Giunta (verified owner)

    Bought this for fun, hoping that the quality of the fish inside would be on par with the extremely stylish and handsome man depicted on the tin, driving around with a plate of onions on his hood.
    We got down to business and the mackerel was… kind of dry for my tastes. Lacking salt as well. Lovely, suuuper-subtle pastis thing going on though. The star anise (in my tin) seemed steeped in the oil which hadn’t fully permeated the flesh of the fish. So I didn’t really get it while actively eating a piece of flesh, more as a pleasant lingering numbness after swallowing.
    Glad I tried it & fun to crack but won’t buy this tin again *shrugs*.

  2. twa101 (verified owner)

    I believe that this was my first Ferrigno mackerel selection which is not nearly as extensive as their sardines. It did have a goofy illustration of a gangster pimp looking guy on the front with a big old star anise to let you know what to expect. The can opened to reveal an odd scent from the pastis. The can had various fillet pieces from what was a larger fish with some of the skin still on one of the pieces, not the most attractive looking tin of fish. The texture was different from piece to piece ranging from a tad dry to very buttery and lush. The flavor of the fish was quite mild, with a hint of salt, but the pastis really came through, but not too strongly. The pastis flavor was much stronger than their Sardines au Pastis.

    Overall, not one of my favorite tins, but if you like pastis, I think this would make an interesting appetizer if you were to mash it up with some of the oil and gently stir in some capers, diced dill pickle, or something else acidic to help cut through the natural sweetness of the pastis flavored oil.

  3. Doug Westney (verified owner)

    After having some King Oscar Mackerel, Mediterranean style I had to review this product . I had these some time ago and was not really impressed. I will have to keep trying to find th type I like. I really like the anise flavor from the pastis.

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