Güeyu Mar Chargrilled Sardine Loins (Lomos de Sardinas)


Loins of large sardines chargrilled with holm oak. Canned in the Arbequina de Castillo de Canena brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Watch how they present them in the restaurant:

150g tin

Pictured heated in its own oil and garnished with chives.

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Ingredients: sardine  loins (Sardina pilchardus), extra virgin olive oil and salt

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  1. Justin Charity (verified owner)

    there are moments with this tin when I’m convinced that I’m savoring a beautiful bit of beef. that’s how I’d naively put it.

  2. sparrowking (verified owner)

    I fully intended to eat prepare this like they did at the restaurant, but ‘trying just one’ out of the tin quickly became ‘eating all of them straight out of the tin’. It was an absolute favorite out of the tinned fish that was tried with friends last night. The grilled flavor is there but not overwhelming, and the fish has a meaty texture that melts in your mouth.
    Next time I’d like to try it on bread with a little bit of mustard and some green onions.

    If you’re thinking about buying it, it is definitely worth the $23 and is a wonderful experience, even if you don’t manage to serve it like they do in the video and instead eat it straight out of the can!

  3. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Simply great. Big. Meaty. Salty. Rich. Satisfying. I’ll reuse this note from one of the other Güeyu Mar tins that I’ve had … “The grilled flavor was slight but present, resulting in an ever-so-slightly softer surface that almost hit a salt-cured anchovy note in my brain.” Again, I absolutely loved this texture, having a softer surface and a tiny bit of crunch in the center. It transformed it into something very different from other gigantic sardines and apparently -at least to my taste buds- is a signature of these tinned sardines. Moisture was perfect and I wasn’t left wanting for anything. Make no mistake, this is definitely a salty tin. Not *too much* for my tastes but oh, you’ll definitely not need to add any more.

    In a fancy-pants competition between these and the Güeyu Mar chargrilled sardine tails, these loins take the title for me. I’d put these slightly behind the tails in spicy escabeche though, as there’s something magical that happens in that sauce. With that said, these are essentially the world’s most perfect gigantic sardines in olive oil so … you get what you pay for. Worth trying this at least once (although hopefully this won’t be my last time).

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