Gulf of Maine Conservas Line Caught Bluefin Tuna in Olive Oil


Dan’s tasting notes:  Best tinned tuna product I’ve ever eaten, period. Pristine clean flavor and impeccable texture.

“Know your farmer” they say, and most of our customers subscribe to that philosophy. Now, thanks to Keper Connell, we can say, “Know your fisherman.” Every Atlantic Bluefin from Gulf of Maine Conservas is caught by Keper with a rod and a reel, and then carefully preserved in olive oil. In conversation he tells me, “To the best of my knowledge, the domestic or American conservas is a mere seedling in the zeitgeist in the food world, let alone the American palate. I am very eager to see where you take my product. I am also very interested in your tomatoes, when the time is right.”

Small batch and sustainable is the future we advocate for. And not just because it tastes better, but, it does taste better.

One single can of Wild Bluefin Tuna hand-packed in olive oil. Line caught in the Gulf of Maine.

Gulf of Maine Conservas Serving Suggestions (pdf)

Each can is 6 oz, and carries a sticker with a QR code that will show you an industry-leading amount of detail about the catch.

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Ingredients: Bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus), Calivirgin Olive Oil (a blend of Arbequino and Koreniki olives).

Drawing inspiration from this Mediterranean tradition, we preserve our fish in high quality olive oil. All of our tinned seafood products are produced from wild caught fish and lobster in the Gulf of Maine. Canned by hand in an FDA-approved facility, this ensures quality and health standards are met. Our fishing vessel, the F/V Figment, is based out of Rye Harbor, New Hampshire.


  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    This is the best tuna I’ve ever had. I’ve had two tins of this at this point. The first tin was sublime – melt in your mouth delicate bits of tuna. I was prepared to make a preparation of some sort with it but couldn’t manage to get further than eating is straight for the tin. The second tin I tried was just as delicious, though not quite the same melt-in-your-mouth experience, which allowed me to move further from the tin onto some crackers with some condiments.

    If you don’t have a special event planned where this tuna will be enjoyed, it will become a special event when you open the tin.

  2. Tommy Phannareth (verified owner)

    A uniquely firm, hardy and delicious tuna tin. I had it directly from the can with some crackers, although I think the next time I get a can I’d like to try it on a sandwich; not as tuna salad but just as chunk tuna with some pickled veggies perhaps. So good!

  3. Peter Kupchick (verified owner)

    First tried this right from the can and although texturally it was nice flavor wise it lacked. Used the oil to make a vinaigrette with lemon juice, salt, and fresh cracked red kompot pepper. Added the tuna and some diced onions back to that and ate it like a ceviche. It was excellent.

  4. sparrowking (verified owner)

    The tuna itself is absolutely beautiful, but the oil is so tasteless that I thought it was canola oil until I checked. It really ruined the first bite for me, and the friends I was trying it with had the same reaction. The olive oil quality being so poor really threw us, but the fish itself was like no canned tuna I’ve ever had. It was incredibly meaty, and it flaked it big flakes and had the firmness I expect from a tuna steak. I was impressed by how much fit into the can.

    If you’re looking for a sustainably sourced canned tuna filet, this is a great option, but drain the oil off VERY well first. Honestly, if I got this again, I’d probably pat the oil off first and top with a dash of more flavorful olive oil, a splash of lemon juice, and a bit of salt and pepper. It really doesn’t need a lot, since it sings so well by itself!

  5. Fisheye (verified owner)

    This changed my idea of what canned tuna can be. When I was a teen, I worked at a coffee shop and made tuna salad for sandwiches served there. I’d open a Costco-sized can of cheap tuna and drain all the water out, and that was one of my least favorite parts of the job. The smell! That fishy smell would linger on my hands long after, and made me lose my appetite.

    I almost swore off canned tuna for life, but I was curious and also confident that Dan only carries the best, so I took a chance on Gulf of Maine. The tuna sits in a can of very mild olive oil so what you taste is the fish. The piece I got was very firm and dry, and it had a light and pleasant smell that whispered “tuna” instead of screaming it in your face like the cans of my youth.

    I broke up the solid chunk into smaller pieces for a tuna melt. It was as mild-tasting as it smelled, and this can is great for anyone who wants the health benefits of fish without overtly fishy flavor. I’m glad I gave this a chance, and I suspect I’ll enjoy the fattier ventresca even more.

  6. Matt (verified owner)

    This is nothing like the mass market tuna you get at the supermarket. This looks like real fish! Totally different than any canned tuna I’ve had in the past. Rich, clean flavor. Not dry and overcooked and certainly doesn’t need to be dressed up with a bunch of mayo. Just the right balance of fat. Enjoyed right out of the tin, but would be an A+ topping on salad or rice.

  7. Sandra Dixon (verified owner)

    I was craving a tuna sandwich and it was the last tin of tuna I owned, so… I just made myself a $22 tuna sandwich. Of course, I tasted the tuna straight out of the tin first and it was delicious. The oil, however, was not and made me glad I was about to drain it all off. I will admit that I do love a cheap can of tuna for a sandwich, but I may have done a disservice to myself in making this today because I won’t want to go back! Also, being able to scan the tin and find out where the fish actually came from was pretty cool.

  8. josephraa (verified owner)

    I thought I hated canned tuna before this tin. I’ve tried another high-end tuna from here before to make sure I didn’t just hate the cheap stuff, but I still didn’t like the high-end tin.. My partner loves tuna though, even the cheap stuff, so I got this as a treat for her. When we first opened the tin, she was put off by the appearance and said it looked like “someone mangled a tuna and put it into a tin”. To be fair, we were looking at just a grey mass of meat in oil. I took the first bite and said “holy shit. that’s fantastic!”. The tuna flaked apart to reveal a surprisingly pink almost red interior, almost like a nice tuna steak. It was much more tender and juicy than any other tuna I’ve ever tried from a tin and had nice mild flavor. My partner was still put off by the appearance and was initially unimpressed by her first couple bites saying it didn’t taste like much. Once she mixed it up into more of a pate and spread it on some crackers, she enjoyed it much more. This is an interesting thing we differ on where she can be put off by seeing the form of the fish, whereas that excites me and I find pate off-putting.

    Anyways, if you think you don’t like tuna, this is the tin that might change your mind. It sure did it for me.

  9. packer.71 (verified owner)

    Imagining opening up a tin of canned bluefin tuna, but instead of being greeted with a oceany-brine, you’re greeted with the color and smell of roast beef or prime rib. The color, texture, and fat are INSANE. Absolutely melt in your mouth fatty, deliciously roasted, and spectacular. Is this the most expensive tin i’ve had so far? Yep. Is it worth it? YUP.

  10. shs (verified owner)

    If I didn’t know this came from a tin, I wouldn’t have believed it. If I paid for a very expensive Nicoise salad at a fancy restaurant, and this was the tuna on it, I would have been thoroughly impressed.

    I will say that my second can was not as rich/fatty as my first can, and clearly came from a different part of the fish. Even though it wasn’t quite AS good as the first can, I understand that this is the nature of this small-batch operation, and that’s totally fine by me.

    Note: This can was only $18 when I first tried it, which was a splurge then, but at $22 I definitely hesitate more. However, I do think every tin-lover should try this at least once.

  11. legallydistinctfish (verified owner)

    Opening the tin reveals a single large hunk of tuna displayed proudly. It smelled like any cheap canned tuna I’ve tried, but that’s it. There is a unique and wonderful texture to the fish that I’ve not had before. The taste is, while very fishy and tuna-y, is rich and doesn’t hide behind anything spices. Overall, the tin stands boldly against some of the best raw sushi tuna that I’ve tried and towers over dollar tuna cans. My only issue is the staggering (but justified) price, which firmly puts this in a one-a-season purchase for me. I would balk at putting this in my usual tuna salad.

  12. srh.jimenez (verified owner)

    I wanted to try tinned bluefin and this was the most accessible price-wise. It doesn’t look special sitting in the can, just four or five medium hunks of tuna all snuggled up together with a bit of liquid an oil. But. Soft and buttery texture and a rich and fatty flavor. The richness goes a long way even with small bites so even this small tin can power a whole meal or even two. I ate it straight out of the can with rice, tomatoes, and onions–next time I might give it a quick searing reheat and experiment with dashes of other flavors (not too much of anything) like soy sauce, calamansi, and/or ginger.

  13. Maggie Cheuk (verified owner)

    Warning: This will ruin all other tuna for you. Not really, but this is definitely the best canned tuna I’ve ever had. It has a mouthy watering, meaty texture and is jam packed with flavor. I also love how you can see where the tuna is caught from and learn more about the region and the fisherman. An unforgettable experience, which I never thought I’d say in regards to tinned fish!

  14. Caleb Tenenbaum (verified owner)

    I came close to trying these many times, but never ordered due to the price. Finally decided to order and save it for a special occasion. So.. the weekend after my wife & I got married, we opened them up. We were VERY impressed!! Every bite was golden. Maybe it’s just honey moon phase.. but this tuna was unbelievable. Also, so cool that you can learn about the specific location, fishermen, and tuna that was caught. We are fans!!

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