José Gourmet Small Sardines in Ravigote Sauce


Small sardines in a tangy, herby sauce. Try them on buttered white toast. You’re welcome.

90g (3.2 oz) tin


In stock


Ingredients: Sardines (Sardina pilchardus)(72.2%), Ravigote Sauce (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, vinegar, capers, onion, cucumber pickles, herbs and spices (oregano, parsley, and black pepper))(27%), and salt (0.8%).


  1. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Ravigote sauce … well, my brain expected a tomato-based sauce, probably because the word ravigote looks a little like ravioli. I should have read the description as this tin doesn’t have tomato at all. The label mentions olive oil, vinegar, capers, onion, cucumber pickles but honestly, I didn’t notice any flavor nuances in the tin except oil. The vinegar tang didn’t come through and there weren’t many fixins.

    Top quality and texturally excellent just as you’d expect from José Gourmet. Moisture levels are also great. However, the flavor was too mild & mellow for this price point – not much depth, no standout umami. It still was a tasty tin overall but for this price I expected a little more. I’d suggest the smoked small sardines instead if you want to try this fancy brand!

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