La Barca Sardines in Olive Oil


Classic Spanish beauties, the silver skin will wow you.

120g (4.23oz) tin

In stock


Ingredients: Sardines, Olive Oil, and Sea Salt.


  1. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    It’s a very satisfying, very beautiful step up from Matiz. Seasoned nicely with a hint of umami that you find in the premier Spanish tins. Medium-soft texture that should appeal to everyone and a very pleasant flake without falling apart. Moisture is slightly above average as well. I feel like I got my money’s worth here, which seems to be what I’m saying after every La Barca tin I try … this brand really hits hard in their price bracket and I’ve not been let down yet. This would be a perfect intro tin for someone who hasn’t really had a high quality Spanish sardine yet. Recommend.

  2. josephraa (verified owner)

    Never had this brand before; this was something Dan picked for me when I had room left in the shipping box and asked him to fill it with stuff I hadn’t tried yet. Pleasantly surprised by it though! There were 4 very large fish packed very tightly in the tin. The skin was indeed very beautiful and shiny which added some instant appeal when opening it even though I don’t normally get excited about fish this large. Due to how tightly packed they were, the first one fell apart a bit while wrestling it out, but the other 3 were easy to remove whole. The flavor was nice and mild, not very fishy at all to me. Texture was just firm enough to not fall apart while handling (aside from that first one as mentioned), but not firm enough to be considered tough. I agree with Hream that the moisture seemed above average, especially for the size of these sardines.

    On their own, they’re a bit of a blank canvas being packed in plain oil without significant saltiness. I chose to keep things simple and just add a carb and some salt. I laid the fish on a couple slices of fresh multigrain tuscany bread, drizzled with a bit of the oil, and then topped with coarse ground sea salt. This made for a really simple and pleasant lunch that I would gladly have again.

  3. robgarland98 (verified owner)

    A beautiful blank page just waiting for you to write your own story. You could go anywhere with these. Take them up with a nice salad, add some Espinaler Sauce, or whatever you want to do sardine-wise and these will fit. I ate half mine straight out of the tin and half on rosemary crackers with cream cheese; this fish plays in both. Wonderful silver skin that shines through pure oil. Perfect texture that isn’t mushed out and isn’t tight and stringy. A 94mph four-seam fastball with some movement; needed in any arsenal. 8.8/10

  4. Nicole Gehan (verified owner)

    Being a new brand, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this tin, but quite happy with what it offered! The sardines were plentiful and meaty (with 6 in the tin). Personally, I liked these more than the Nuri lemon sardines (and I really enjoy Nuri sardines) as I think they were firmer and held up better in the tin. The lemon flavor was there, but not too strong and the olive oil held its own robust flavor. My only gripe is that the tin is was quite hard to open.

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