Les Mouettes d’Arvor Mackerel Fillets with Lemon and Basil


Great straight from the can with crackers, but also a really versatile ingredient you can use in myriad ways. Make a mackerel salad with it along the lines of tuna salad, and use it to make a mackerel melt. Toss some pasta with olive oil and garlic and then break these into the mix. Don’t fancy any of those preparations? Just ask me, I’ve got a hundred other ways you can use this.

176g (6.2 oz) tin

Pictured with vermicelli and its own sauce.

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Ingredients: Mackerel fillets 54% (Scomber scombrus), water, sunflower oil, white wine vinegar (SULPHITES), spirit vinegar, lemon 2.2%, white wine (SULPHITES), Dijon mustard, sugar, stabilizers: guar gum and locust bean flour, lemon juice, salt, basil 0.07%.


  1. darienferguson (verified owner)

    Wow, what a treat! I have previously been luke warm to mackerel, having only had a couple tins from one of the major brands in N. America. This tin has shattered my previous perspective. I don’t know what to praise first, the fish or the sauce. The fish was incredible, not oily like my previous tins, it almost had a pleasant dryness to it comparatively. It was firm, just perfectly done. The acidity of the sauce probably had an affect on the texture of the fish that really just made this tin sing. The lemon peel soaking in the tin added a savory zest which I appreciated. This tin is a new favorite and I will be ordering more. It picked me up and took me the a different place I wish to return to again.

  2. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Such tang, such potent lemon. Extremely similar to my memory of the Mouettes d’Arvor mackerel in Muscadet wine – and that is a VERY good thing. If you find yourself longing for true acidity, true lemon in your tins then these 2 aforementioned Mouettes mackerel tins have you fully covered.

    How did they pack this much lemon into a tin without any negative impact to the fish?! No clue but they did it. The mackerel has good moisture, pleasant flake, and excellent texture without any odd chewy bits. The sauce is 100% good enough to drink afterwards and/or use for the contents of another tin (like I did with some mussels). I can’t fully explain how satisfying this is to someone on a constant search for that vinegar/lemon home run … you just have to try it. At this price, it’s not a daily driver for me but let me tell you, it’s absolutely worth this cost as a semi-regular splurge tin. Amazing.

  3. dolson.drew (verified owner)

    A perfect balance struck between oil and vinegar here–it must be harder to do in the canned seafood context than I would’ve guessed, since other producers don’t quite get it. So, you’ve got very good mackerel in a lemony-herb vinaigrette, tailor made for finishing a salad or, as I prepared for lunch, a bed of sautéed broccolini, spinach, and ramps. Having a few of these tins in your larder just makes life so much easier.

  4. twa101 (verified owner)

    This can of mackerel almost smells like lemonade when you open it, but do not worry, it is well balanced. Like most Mouettes mackerel, these are very large pieces of fish with the skin still intact showing off that beautiful tiger striping. The flavor is very lemon forward with some basil coming through as well, but it never overwhelms the flavor of the mackerel. The texture is softer than most mackerels, most likely from the acid of the lemons. It is not mushy, just not as toothsome as oil packed mackerel fillets. There is plenty of well flavored broth that could be used as the acid in a salad dressing or just poured over rice or steamed vegetables. Using it to wilt some spinach or chard would also work. It is a little pricey, but it is a big can and a quality product. Will definitely be purchasing this one again.

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