Les Mouettes d’Arvor Sardinettes in Olive Oil 8/10


Simple. Classic. French. No way to go wrong.

100g tin

Pictured in flour tacos with tomato and avocado salsa.

In stock


Ingredients: Small sardines (Sardina pilchardus), extra virgin olive oil, salt


  1. fibersides (verified owner)

    One more time, French sardines for the WIN! Les Mouettes, the seagulls, bring you these baby deens in the 8-10 range.

    They’re tres delicious. Loved them. S little softer than my regular Briosa Sardinillas…I buy those by the case.

    I’m fully convinced that I’m gonna start buying these in bulk too! Fantastic fully French flavor with all the benefit of the bite small sardines offer. These sardinettes are demanding a slightly higher price, but this cannery has the chops to deliver a premium product, so your money is well spent for this tin. It’s now in my rotation and should be in yours too.

    You know you gotta go getcha some!

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