Les Mouettes d’Arvor Whole Anchovy in Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Dan’s notes: These are the opposite of the IASA whole anchovies, in that these are anchovies processed like sardines, so they lack the saltiness and the boniness of pizza anchovies. You might not even realize they were anchovies if you didn’t know it. The flavor is somewhere between a sardine and a garfish, with a rich umami flavor and an unexpectedly refined texture.

Small whole fish with firm flesh, covered with extra virgin olive oil. The delicacy of their unique natural flavor will surprise you. Prepared “Sardine Style”.

Net weight: 3.53 oz (100g), Drained weight: 2.47 oz (70g)

Pictured on spring mix with green goddess dressing.

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  1. Cody Edwards (verified owner)

    These were visually stunning. Very beautiful fish. Firm texture, they remained stiff and sturdy. Bold fish flavor, in a good way, nothing funky. Pretty dry. Tasty but probably better used as an ingredient or accompaniment.

  2. SAM (verified owner)

    These French anchovies boast a robust texture that imparts a subtle dryness. Despite this, they manage to avoid the common pitfall of transforming into a powdery consistency in the mouth, eliminating the need for an immediate beverage to accompany them. The heightened flavor profile leads me to ponder whether they undergo a distinctive cooking process, as it surpasses the taste of other anchovies I’ve sampled. For anchovy enthusiasts, I believe exploring these would be a worthwhile endeavor, offering a distinctive variety within the available options.

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