Luças Cod in Olive Oil and Garlic


White, flaky cod in garlic olive oil. Great straight from the tin, but you really want to use this to make your own riff on brandade.

120g (4.2oz) tin

In stock


Ingredients: Cod (Godeus morhua)(70%), Olive Oil (28%), Garlic (1%), and Salt.


  1. srh.jimenez (verified owner)

    Wow. I don’t eat a lot of cod–where I live it’s considered boring. I came for the garlic and was wowed by the whole package. This does not come in big chunks or fillets. The pieces of cod are small and swimming in the garlicky oil. Straight from the can the bits of cod are firm and have a good chew to them. So tasty–mild fishy flavor, rich olive oil, salty. I ate most of the can with cayenne and salt on crackers and it was delicious. The rest I ate heated up over white rice–hot was a different kind of incredible. Next time I will definitely experiment with different ways to heat / cook with this.

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